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Controlled Burning

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Panama Bac-Pac Drip Torch, 09100
Drench Firefighting Additive
KCR Drip Torch 100-00

KCR Drip Torch 100-00

Sale Price$174.25
Firebroom Rake 12" & 16" TinesFirebroom Rake 12" & 16" Tines

Firebroom Rake 12" & 16" Tines

Sale PriceFrom $34.95
Council Tool Fire Swatter, FS15Council Tool Fire Swatter, FS15
Drip Torch Plug Assembly for KCR Drip Torches
Drip Torch Check Valve Ball for KCR Drip Torches
Drip Torch Nozzle for KCR Drip Torches
Small Repair Kit for KCR Drip Torches
Panama Flame Torch
Repair Kit for KCR Drip Torches
Superior Signal 3C Smoke Generators, 3C
Drip Torch Chain With S Hook for KCR Drip Torches
Drip Torch Lock Ring for KCR Drip Torches
Council Tool Forest Fire Shovel, FFSH0SS38Council Tool Forest Fire Shovel, FFSH0SS38
Drip Torch Outlet Screen for KCR Drip Torches
Drip Torch Tank Cover for KCR Drip Torches
Drip Torch Check Valve Seat for KCR Drip Torches
Council Combination Tool (Combi), CT42FSSCouncil Combination Tool (Combi), CT42FSS
Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump, 90GIndian Backpack Firefighting Pump, 90G
Drip Torch Chain Screw for KCR Drip Torches
Taylor 5458 Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

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Controlled Burning

Controlled burning equipment is a range of tools and devices used to manage controlled burns, which are a type of fire intentionally set to remove dead or overgrown vegetation and promote new growth. Controlled burning equipment can include tools such as drip torches, flappers, and backpack sprayers. Drip torches are used to apply a controlled amount of fuel to the vegetation, while flappers and backpack sprayers are used to control the fire's movement and intensity. Fire plows and bulldozers are used to create firebreaks and contain the fire within a designated area, while helicopters can be used to drop water or fire retardant on the fire from above. Controlled burning equipment is designed to be safe, effective, and environmentally friendly, and is typically used by trained and experienced personnel in forestry, agricultural, and land management settings. The use of controlled burning equipment can help prevent larger wildfires, promote ecosystem health and biodiversity, and improve the safety of communities and infrastructure in fire-prone areas.