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Chainsaw Files & Sharpeners

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Flat Chainsaw Files

Flat Chainsaw Files

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Pferd Chain Sharp File GuidesPferd Chain Sharp File Guides
Tecomec Jolly Star Chain Grinder, 11369001Tecomec Jolly Star Chain Grinder, 11369001
Oregon Wooden Chainsaw File HandleOregon Wooden Chainsaw File Handle

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Chainsaw Files & Sharpeners

Chainsaw files and sharpeners are tools used to maintain the cutting edge of chainsaw chains, which can become dull with use over time. Chainsaw chains consist of numerous teeth that rotate rapidly and make contact with the wood being cut, and it is important to keep these teeth sharp in order to maintain the efficiency and safety of the chainsaw. Chainsaw files and sharpeners can be used to manually sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw chain and come in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate different chain types and sizes. Some chainsaw sharpeners are electric or pneumatic and use specialized grinding wheels or discs to sharpen the teeth more quickly and efficiently. Chainsaw files are typically made of high-quality steel and can be used multiple times, while sharpeners can require replacement of the grinding discs or wheels over time. The use of chainsaw files and sharpeners is essential for maintaining the performance and safety of chainsaws and should be performed regularly by experienced and trained operators.