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B.C. Ames 516P Dial Micrometer, .001

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Micrometers, also known as micrometer screw gauges, are precision measuring tools used to measure the thickness or diameter of objects with high accuracy. They are commonly used in machining, engineering, and manufacturing industries to ensure that components are manufactured to the correct size and tolerances. Micrometers consist of a calibrated screw with a precision-ground spindle, which is turned to make contact with the object being measured. The measurement is then read on a scale or digital display, which can provide readings in microns, millimeters, or inches. Some popular keywords related to micrometers include "digital micrometer," "vernier micrometer," "outside micrometer," "inside micrometer," and "depth micrometer." Micrometers are essential tools for maintaining high levels of accuracy in various industries, and they are widely used by machinists, engineers, and quality control professionals.