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Logger's Tape

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Spencer Logger's TapeSpencer Logger's Tape

Spencer Logger's Tape

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Horseshoe Nail for Spencer's Logger's TapeHorseshoe Nail for Spencer's Logger's Tape
Release Nail for Spencer Logger's TapeRelease Nail for Spencer Logger's Tape
Claw Hook for Spencer Logger's TapeClaw Hook for Spencer Logger's Tape
Tape Nail for Spencer's Logger's TapeTape Nail for Spencer's Logger's Tape
Hinge for Spencer Logger's TapeHinge for Spencer Logger's Tape
Lufkin Pocket Tape

Lufkin Pocket Tape

Sale Price$5.95
Spencer Scribner Decimal Scaler TapeSpencer Scribner Decimal Scaler Tape
Spencer Scribner Decimal Scaler TapeSpencer Scribner Decimal Scaler Tape
Lufkin Nubian Finish Diameter Tape, 120TPLufkin Nubian Finish Diameter Tape, 120TP

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Logger's Tape

Logger's tape is a measuring tool used in forestry to determine the diameter of a tree. It is a flexible tape that is wrapped around the tree and provides an accurate measurement of the tree's diameter. The tape is typically made of fiberglass or cloth and is marked in both metric and imperial units. Logger's tapes may also feature additional markings to aid in tree identification and to assist in calculating the tree's volume or weight. The use of a logger's tape is a standard practice in forestry and is essential for accurate tree measurement and inventory management.