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Felco 11 Classic - New Generation Pruning Shear
Felco 5 Basic Pruner

Felco 5 Basic Pruner

Sale Price$30.95
Felco 4 Standard Pruning Shear
Felco 2 High Performance Classic Pruning Shear
Felco 6 Ergonomic Compact Pruner, F-6
Felco 7 Hand Pruner w/ Revolving Handle, F-7

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Pruners are gardening tools used to trim or cut back plants, bushes, and trees. They come in various sizes and shapes, from handheld shears to long-handled loppers. Pruners are designed to make clean cuts, promoting healthy plant growth and preventing damage to the plant. Some common types of pruners include bypass pruners, anvil pruners, and ratchet pruners. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as shaping plants, removing dead or damaged branches, and maintaining overall plant health. Pruners are essential for any gardener or landscaper and can be found at CSP.