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Diameter Tapes

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Spencer Logger's TapeSpencer Logger's Tape

Spencer Logger's Tape

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Horseshoe Nail for Spencer's Logger's TapeHorseshoe Nail for Spencer's Logger's Tape
Release Nail for Spencer Logger's TapeRelease Nail for Spencer Logger's Tape
Spencer Pole Tape - 6 Ft
Claw Hook for Spencer Logger's TapeClaw Hook for Spencer Logger's Tape
Tape Nail for Spencer's Logger's TapeTape Nail for Spencer's Logger's Tape
Hinge for Spencer Logger's TapeHinge for Spencer Logger's Tape
Lufkin Pocket Tape

Lufkin Pocket Tape

Sale Price$5.95
Lufkin Nubian Finish Diameter Tape, 120TPLufkin Nubian Finish Diameter Tape, 120TP
Spencer Scribner Decimal Scaler TapeSpencer Scribner Decimal Scaler Tape
Spencer Scribner Decimal Scaler TapeSpencer Scribner Decimal Scaler Tape

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Diameter Tapes

Diameter tapes, also known as dendrometer tapes or tree tapes, are measuring tools used to determine the diameter of trees, logs, and other cylindrical objects. They consist of a flexible tape marked with a scale that is wrapped around the object, and a clip or hook that secures the tape in place. Diameter tapes are commonly used in forestry, arboriculture, and timber industries to estimate the volume and value of standing trees or cut logs. They can also be used to track tree growth over time, and to monitor the health and condition of trees. Some diameter tapes are equipped with digital readouts or other features to make measurements more accurate and efficient.