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Laser Range Finders

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Nikon Forestry Pro II Laser Rangefinder
Haglof Laser Geo RangefinderHaglof Laser Geo Rangefinder
Haglof Monopod - Plot Center Staff, 15-104-1013
Haglof Laser Trailblazer Range FinderHaglof Laser Trailblazer Range Finder
Haglof DME Measuring Unit, 15-100-1003

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Laser Range Finders

Find the best Range Finders for engineers, land surveyors, and anyone else looking for long-range visible distance. The laser rangefinders use the latest technologies to calculate distances from an observer point to a specific target. Many of the devices, such as Nikon rangefinders, feature invisible laser technology, while others use different methods like ultrasonic range modules. Some laser range finders have bonus features such as compasses, inclinometers, magnification, and more! Data collected from the measurements can be transferred to your favorite processing devices for further analysis.

CSP Forestry carries a variety of rangefinder brands including Haglof, Nikon, and other popular brands. Contact Us or add to quote for more information.