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Horticulture Knives

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Victorinox - Felco Fruit Tree Budding Knife
Victorinox 39-020 Rose Budding KnifeVictorinox 39-020 Rose Budding Knife
TINA Large Grafting Knife Model T600-A12TINA Large Grafting Knife Model T600-A12
TINA Grafting Knife Model T608
TINA Budding and Grafting Knife T640-10TINA Budding and Grafting Knife T640-10
Tina T940 Sharpening Stone
Victorinox - Felco Heavy Pruning KnifeVictorinox - Felco Heavy Pruning Knife
Victorinox 39-050 All Purpose Grafting Knife
Treekote Complete Grafting Kit, 00616
TINA Grafting Knife Model T605

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Horticulture Knives

Horticulture knives are handheld cutting tools designed for various tasks in gardening and horticulture. They are typically small and easy to maneuver, with sharp blades made of stainless steel or high-carbon steel. Horticulture knives come in different shapes and sizes, including pruning knives, grafting knives, budding knives, and more. They are used for pruning, cutting stems and branches, grafting, and other delicate tasks in horticulture. Some horticulture knives feature ergonomic handles for comfortable use and safety features such as locking mechanisms and sheaths. These tools are popular among gardeners, landscapers, and horticulturists for their precision and ease of use.