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Log Rules & Scale Sticks

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Lufkin Folding Log Rule-Doyle Scale
Logrite 36" Aluminum Log Scale Sticks
Deluxe Plot Center StickDeluxe Plot Center Stick
Thickness GaugeThickness Gauge
Lufkin Wood Rule Red End
Biltmore Sticks English & MetricBiltmore Sticks English & Metric
Economy Plot Center Stick
Conway Cleveland 36" & 48" Log RulesConway Cleveland 36" & 48" Log Rules

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Log Rules & Scale Sticks

Log rules and scale sticks are tools used in the forestry industry to measure and estimate the volume of logs. A log rule is a measuring stick that is marked with a specific set of measurements and formulas used to determine the volume of a log based on its diameter and length. Scale sticks, on the other hand, are used to determine the diameter of a log, and are typically made of wood or plastic with markings that correspond to various log diameters. Together, log rules and scale sticks are used to accurately estimate the amount of wood contained in a log, which is important for determining its value and determining how it should be processed. Foresters and loggers use log rules and scale sticks on a regular basis to measure logs in the field, and they are also used by sawmill operators and timber buyers to calculate the volume and value of logs being purchased or sold.