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Scannable Lumber Chalk

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Dixon Fluorescan Scannable Lumber Chalk (Box of 144)Dixon Fluorescan Scannable Lumber Chalk (Box of 144)
Dixon Ticonderoga

Dixon Fluorescan Scannable Lumber Chalk (Box of 144)

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Scannable Lumber Chalk

Scannable lumber chalk is a type of marking tool used in the lumber industry for marking and tracking lumber. It is a special type of chalk that is formulated to produce scannable marks that can be read by barcode scanners and other automated tracking systems. The chalk is applied to the surface of the lumber using a marking gun, and the resulting marks can be scanned to capture information such as the origin, grade, and destination of the lumber. This helps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of lumber tracking and management, and is particularly useful in large-scale lumber operations where manual tracking methods can be time-consuming and prone to error. Scannable lumber chalk is available in a variety of colors and formulations to meet the specific needs of different lumber operations.