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Auger Bits

An auger bit is a type of drill bit designed for drilling deep, narrow holes in wood, soil, or other materials. Auger bits typically consist of a spiral blade or "flute" that is twisted around a central axis, allowing the bit to pull material out of the hole as it is drilled. Auger bits are available in a range of sizes and styles, including straight shank and hex shank, and are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and landscaping applications. Some common types of auger bits include ship auger bits, spur auger bits, and brad point bits. Ship auger bits are designed for drilling deep, large-diameter holes in wood and feature a wide spiral blade for efficient material removal. Spur auger bits are used for drilling clean, precise holes in wood and feature a sharp point and cutting edges that score the wood before the blade cuts through. Brad point bits are designed for drilling accurate, clean holes in wood and feature a sharp, center-point tip that prevents the bit from wandering or slipping.