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SwedePro Chain Saw Protective Shirt
Elvex Pro Guard Logger's Helmet CU-30RElvex Pro Guard Logger's Helmet CU-30R
Labonville Kevlar Chainsaw ChapsLabonville Kevlar Chainsaw Chaps

Labonville Kevlar Chainsaw Chaps

Sale PriceFrom $107.95
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Elvex Pro Guard Logger's Helmet CU-60R
Elvex ArborChaps - One Size Fits All, JE-8000
3M Optime 105 - Helmet Attachable Earmuff3M Optime 105 - Helmet Attachable Earmuff
Elvex XTS Safety GlassesElvex XTS Safety Glasses

Elvex XTS Safety Glasses

Sale PriceFrom $4.25
SawBuck Original 4-Ply Kevlar Chainsaw ChapsSawBuck Original 4-Ply Kevlar Chainsaw Chaps

SawBuck Original 4-Ply Kevlar Chainsaw Chaps

Sale PriceFrom $107.95
Radians Deviator FP80 Earplugs, UnCorded (200)
SwedePro Chain Saw Protective Leather BootsSwedePro Chain Saw Protective Leather Boots
3M Peltor Optime 101 - Behind The Head Earmuff, H7B
Elvex Visor Bracket Mounts VB-10 (for Safety Caps)
Elvex Equalizer EarmuffsElvex Equalizer Earmuffs
Elvex Value Muff Ear Muffs, HB-25Elvex Value Muff Ear Muffs, HB-25
Total Chain Saw Safety Chaps
Elvex Quattro Reusable Ear PlugsElvex Quattro Reusable Ear Plugs
Moldex Pura-Fit Plugstation, 6844-BXMoldex Pura-Fit Plugstation, 6844-BX
Elvex Chainsaw Pro-Gloves

Elvex Chainsaw Pro-Gloves

Sale PriceFrom $26.75
Elvex Sonoma Safety Glasses, SG-350XElvex Sonoma Safety Glasses, SG-350X

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Chainsaw Safety

Welcome to the Chainsaw Safety Supplies category at! Here, we offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality safety gear and accessories designed to protect chainsaw operators from the hazards of their work.

Our inventory includes a wide range of safety products such as chainsaw chaps, gloves, helmets, and ear protection to ensure that you have everything you need to stay safe and comfortable while working with your chainsaw. We also carry a variety of chainsaw parts and accessories, including chainsaw sharpening tools and replacement chainsaw chains, to help you keep your equipment in top working condition.

At, we take pride in offering only the best brands in Kevlar chainsaw chaps and other chainsaw safety products, including Elvex, Labonville, and others. Whether you're a professional logger or just someone who enjoys using a chainsaw for DIY projects, our products are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort while you work.