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Safety Glasses

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Elvex XTS Safety GlassesElvex XTS Safety Glasses

Elvex XTS Safety Glasses

Sale PriceFrom $4.25
B-52 Aye Mate Side Shields, B-52B-52 Aye Mate Side Shields, B-52
Rubicon Safety GlassesRubicon Safety Glasses

Rubicon Safety Glasses

Sale PriceFrom $8.10
Elvex Sonoma Safety Glasses, SG-350XElvex Sonoma Safety Glasses, SG-350X

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Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are a type of eyewear designed to protect the eyes from various hazards, such as flying debris, chemicals, and radiation. They are commonly used in industrial and construction settings, as well as in laboratories, medical facilities, and other environments where eye protection is necessary. Safety glasses typically feature impact-resistant lenses made of materials such as polycarbonate or Trivex, which can withstand high velocity and blunt force impacts. CSP carries brands of safety glasses such as Crossfire, Rubicon, Elvex, Crews, Dallas, and Radians.