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Tallying Supplies

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Grid Cards (100/pk)
Tally Meter
Haglof TallyTax Digital Tally CounterHaglof TallyTax Digital Tally Counter
Multi-Purpose Tally Cards (50/pk)
Replacement Straps for Leather Tally Book
9H Tally Pencils (12/box)
Base Mount Tally Meter

Base Mount Tally Meter

Sale Price$11.50
Pulpwood/SawTimber Tally Cards (100/pk)

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Tallying Supplies

Tallying supplies are tools used to keep track of numerical data or counts. They are commonly used in inventory management, data collection, and vote counting. Some common tallying supplies include tally counters, clickers, hand-held counters, and marking pens. Tally counters and clickers are small hand-held devices that can be used to count items or events, and are often used in sports, traffic control, and crowd counting. Hand-held counters are similar to tally counters but can be customized for specific counting needs, such as for tracking attendance or product inventory. Marking pens are used to make marks on a surface or paper to keep track of counts and are commonly used in manual vote counting and data collection. Tallying supplies can be essential tools for accurate and efficient counting in a variety of industries and settings.