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Laser Levels

A laser level is a tool used to project a visible laser beam onto a surface to indicate a level line or plumb point. Laser levels are commonly used in construction and woodworking projects to ensure precise and accurate leveling, alignment, and positioning of materials. They come in various types, including rotary laser levels, line laser levels, and dot laser levels. Rotary laser levels project a rotating laser beam in a 360-degree radius, while line laser levels project a straight line along a surface. Dot laser levels project individual dots to indicate specific points or angles. Laser levels typically use a self-leveling system that automatically adjusts the beam to ensure accuracy, and they can be mounted on a tripod or attached to a wall or surface. Some laser levels also feature additional features such as multiple beam modes, remote control operation, and Bluetooth connectivity. Laser levels are a popular tool among professionals due to their precision, accuracy, and ease of use.