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Harvester Bars

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Oregon 66 in. Slasher Bar, 50-IP CTR, 661UEB9155
59 In. Slasher Bar for CSI DL-4400
58 In. Double Ended Slasher Bar for Hudson/FEC
58 in. Slasher Bar, Double-End for CTR
34 In. Harvester Bar for CTR Delimbers 400, 450 & 500
38 In. Harvester Bar for Timbco 38 Inch Saw Heads
43 In. Harvester Bar for Pierce Pacific Delimbers
65 In. Double Ended Slasher Bar For Hudson/FEC
34 In. Harvester Bar for Timbco 34 Inch Saw Heads
34 In. Harvester Bar for Waratah Delimbers
66 in. Slasher Bar, 50-IP CTR
58 in. Slasher Bar, 42-IP CTR

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Harvester Bars

A harvester bar is a chainsaw accessory that is used for harvesting and processing timber. It is a long, straight bar that attaches to the chainsaw and provides a guide for the saw chain. Harvester bars are designed to be more durable and longer-lasting than standard chainsaw bars and are often used in professional forestry and logging operations. They are typically made from high-quality steel or other durable materials and may have special features such as replaceable nose sprockets, lubrication holes, and reduced weight for improved maneuverability. Harvester bars come in different lengths and widths, with different chain pitch sizes to suit different types of saw chains. They may also have different nose shapes, such as pointed or rounded, for improved cutting performance in different types of wood. The quality and durability of a harvester bar can affect the efficiency and safety of the chainsaw operation, making it an important consideration for professional and DIY users alike.