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Pipeline Coatings & Compounds

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Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste, 3oz Tube, KK01Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste, 3oz Tube, KK01
Denso Protal 7200, 1 Liter KitDenso Protal 7200, 1 Liter Kit
LA-CO Markal Epoxy-Stik - Epoxy Repair CompoundLA-CO Markal Epoxy-Stik - Epoxy Repair Compound
Denso Protal 7200 Applicator PadsDenso Protal 7200 Applicator Pads

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Pipeline Coatings & Compounds

Pipeline coatings and compounds are materials used to protect pipelines from corrosion and other forms of damage. These coatings and compounds can be applied to the exterior and/or interior of the pipeline to prevent or slow down the natural process of corrosion caused by exposure to environmental factors like moisture, oxygen, and chemicals.