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Measuring Tapes & Wheels

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Spencer Logger's TapeSpencer Logger's Tape

Spencer Logger's Tape

Sale PriceFrom $46.50
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US Tape  1/2" x 50' Chrome Plated Oil Gauging Tape
Keson Surveyors RopeKeson Surveyors Rope

Keson Surveyors Rope

Sale PriceFrom $12.50
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Lufkin Pocket Tape

Lufkin Pocket Tape

Sale Price$5.95
US Tape DuraWheel 500 Measuring Wheel, 68920US Tape DuraWheel 500 Measuring Wheel, 68920
Rolatape Telescopic Measuring Wheel,  RT300Rolatape Telescopic Measuring Wheel,  RT300
Rolatape 400 Series Distance Measuring Wheel
Keson Little Giant Chalk Line Reel, G100
Keson English/Metric Open Reel Fiberglass TapesKeson English/Metric Open Reel Fiberglass Tapes
Spencer Scribner Decimal Scaler TapeSpencer Scribner Decimal Scaler Tape
Stanley 25' x 1" Powerlock Tape RuleStanley 25' x 1" Powerlock Tape Rule
Lufkin 2-Sided Metric/English Open Reel Fiberglass TapeLufkin 2-Sided Metric/English Open Reel Fiberglass Tape

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Measuring Tapes & Wheels

Measuring tapes and wheels are tools used for measuring distances and lengths in various applications. Measuring tapes are flexible, long and thin strips of metal, cloth, or plastic, typically with markings that correspond to feet, inches, or metric units. They are commonly used in construction, carpentry, and other industries for measuring and marking distances, lengths, and angles. Some measuring tapes also feature additional markings for specific applications, such as stud spacing or roof pitch.

Measuring wheels, on the other hand, are a more specialized tool used to measure distances over longer distances. They consist of a wheel that rotates as it is pushed or pulled along a surface, with the distance measured by counting the number of revolutions made by the wheel. Measuring wheels are commonly used by engineers, surveyors, and landscapers for measuring distances, such as land or property boundaries.