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Haglof Barktax Bark Gauge, 10-301-1002

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Bark Guages

Bark gauges are tools used in forestry and arboriculture to measure the thickness of tree bark. They are typically designed as small, handheld devices with a sharp blade that can be inserted into the bark to measure its depth. Bark gauges can be used to assess the health of trees, as different species of trees have different bark thicknesses and textures depending on their age and health. By measuring the thickness of a tree's bark, arborists and foresters can identify potential issues such as insect infestations, disease, and damage from mechanical injuries or environmental factors. Bark gauges can also be used to monitor changes in the bark thickness over time, which can help identify long-term changes in tree health and growth. Some bark gauges are designed with interchangeable blades to accommodate different tree species, while others are adjustable to allow for more precise measurements. The use of bark gauges is an important tool for arborists and foresters to maintain the health and sustainability of trees in forests, urban areas, and other settings.