Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump, 90G

Indian Fire PumpsSKU: IndianBackpackPump

Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump - Galvenized, 90G

Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump is a five-gallon tank that features baffle, outlet with filter screen at bottom, 1" recessed bottom, and a ventilated back rest. The Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump has a slide action pump that is operated by hand. Gasketed cam lock tank cap on the Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump features a ventilation hole to prevent tank collapse, and is secured to the tank by a 4" beaded chain. A combination nozzle allows quick change from spray to straight stream. The Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump comes with a Single-braided, flexible, oil-resistant hose, 1/2" I.D., 30" long. Carrying handle has clips for securing pump and holes for attaching removable, 1-3/4" heavy-duty polypropylene shoulder straps. One strap has clip for attaching pump to your chest. Net Weight: Galvanized 12 lbs., 5 oz.

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