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Ridgid Cast-Iron Pipe WrenchRidgid Cast-Iron Pipe Wrench

Ridgid Cast-Iron Pipe Wrench

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Pipe Wrenches

A pipe wrench is a type of adjustable wrench used for turning and gripping pipes, fittings, and other cylindrical objects. It consists of two serrated jaws that are adjusted using a threaded screw, allowing the wrench to be customized to fit a variety of pipe sizes. Pipe wrenches are typically used in plumbing and pipefitting work and come in various sizes, ranging from small 6-inch wrenches to large 48-inch wrenches. They are designed to apply high torque to stubborn pipe fittings and can be used to loosen or tighten them. The serrated jaws of a pipe wrench can grip a pipe securely without causing damage. Care must be taken not to use pipe wrenches on fragile or delicate objects, as they can cause damage or distortion.