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Climbing & Fall Protection

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Samson ArborMaster 16 Strand 1/2" Climbing RopeSamson ArborMaster 16 Strand 1/2" Climbing Rope

Samson ArborMaster 16 Strand 1/2" Climbing Rope

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Weaver 16 oz. Throw WeightWeaver 16 oz. Throw Weight
Replacement Polyethylene Line
DBI-Sala 6 ft Tie-Off Adapter, 1003006DBI-Sala 6 ft Tie-Off Adapter, 1003006
DBI-Sala Delta Vest Style HarnessDBI-Sala Delta Vest Style Harness
DBI-Sala 3 ft Tie-Off Adapter

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Climbing & Fall Protection

Climbing and fall protection refers to the equipment and gear used to ensure safety during activities that involve working at heights or climbing, such as tree trimming, construction work, and rock climbing. This includes harnesses, lanyards, ropes, carabiners, and other equipment designed to prevent falls and protect against injury. These tools are essential for workers and climbers to prevent accidents and ensure safety in hazardous environments. Proper training and use of this equipment is critical for avoiding falls and other accidents.