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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
Felco 11 Classic - New Generation Pruning Shear
Felco 13" Pull Stroke Pruning Saw, F-611
Felco 2 High Performance Classic Pruning Shear
Felco 4 Standard Pruning Shear
Felco 5 Basic Pruner
Felco Felco 5 Basic Pruner
Sale Price$30.95
Felco 6 Ergonomic Compact Pruner, F-6
Felco 7 Hand Pruner w/ Revolving Handle, F-7
Felco 9.5" Pull Stroke Pruning Saw, F-621Felco 9.5" Pull Stroke Pruning Saw, F-621
Felco F-20 17" Lopper
Felco Felco F-20 17" Lopper
Sale Price$134.95
Felco F-600 6" Folding Saw Replacement Blade, 600-3
Felco F-600 Pruning Saw
Felco Felco F-600 Pruning Saw
Sale Price$31.95
Felco Lopping Shears, F-200-AFelco Lopping Shears, F-200-A
Felco Felco Lopping Shears, F-200-A
Sale PriceFrom $87.95
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Replacement Blade for Felco 13" Pruning Saw, 611-3
Replacement Blade for Felco 9.5" Pruning Saw, 621-3
Victorinox - Felco Fruit Tree Budding Knife

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