Haglof TallyTax Digital Tally Counter

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Haglof TallyTax Digital Tally Counter

The Haglof TallyTax Digital Tally Counter is a pocket sized digital tally counter, capable of six separate counting units, each counting up to 35,000. The Haglof TallyTax Digital Tally Counter is lightweight and compact, measuring only 4 7/8" x 1 3/8" x 1". The Haglof TallyTax Digital Tally Counter operates on one 9 volt battery.

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The Haglof TallyTax contains six different positions and holds thousands of input numbers. The pocketsize, digital Haglof Tallytax with six different counters can maintain thousands of registrations in each separate counter. The Haglof Tallytax is easy to operate and can be used in cruising, inventory, production, planning, farming and gardening activities

Use the Haglof Tallytax electronic counter to count seedlings and trees, in inventory, for different types of production, planning, farming and gardening. This small instrument is operated with one 9V battery and can maintain input numbers in its internal memory also when turned off. The Haglof TallyTax is robust and solid for field use year around. Keep track of everything with the Haglof Tallytax!

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