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Rakes & Shovels

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Ames 22 Tines Leaf Rake w/ 48" Wood Handle, 1936300
Firebroom Rake 12" & 16" TinesFirebroom Rake 12" & 16" Tines

Firebroom Rake 12" & 16" Tines

Sale PriceFrom $34.95
Ames True Temper Ensilage Fork, 1829500
Kodiak 22 Tine Spring Brace Rake, 1935900Kodiak 22 Tine Spring Brace Rake, 1935900

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Rakes & Shovels

Rakes and shovels are essential gardening tools used for various outdoor activities. A rake is a gardening tool with long, angled teeth used to gather leaves, grass clippings, and other debris. Rakes can come in different types, such as leaf rakes, garden rakes, and bow rakes. Gardeners use rakes to level soil and spread mulch, among other tasks. A shovel is a tool with a flat blade and a long handle used for digging and moving soil, sand, gravel, and other materials. Shovels come in various sizes, including square-point shovels, round-point shovels, and spades. They are used for tasks such as planting, digging trenches, and removing snow. Both rakes and shovels are commonly used for gardening and landscaping, but they are also useful for construction and farming.