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Nel-Spot Tree Marking Guns

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Nel-Spot Dura Built Tree Marking Gun
Nel-Spot Reversible Nozzle .029 inch
Nozzle Cap, Nel-Spot
Cup Leather, Nel-Spot, HW-47
Nel-Spot Spray Nozzle Spring
Steel Ball, Nel-Spot, SS-1550
Nel-Spot Reversible Nozzle .021 inch
Lettering Nozzle Assembly, Nel-SpotLettering Nozzle Assembly, Nel-Spot
Intake Valve Spring, Nel-Spot
Gasket, Nel-Spot
Retainer Ring, Nel-Spot
Retaining Sleeve, Nel-Spot
Trigger Link, Nel-Spot
Plastic Cylinder, Nel-Spot
Trigger Link Pin, Nel-Spot
Upper Piston Rod, Nel-Spot Dura Built
Spacer Disc Assembly, Nel-Spot
Metal Cylinder, Nel-Spot
Nel-Spot - 3 Inch Extension Tube
Trigger, Nel-Spot
Nozzle Cap Holder, Nel-Spot
Trigger Pin, Nel-Spot
Plastic Trigger, Nel-Spot
Nel-Spot Tree Marking Guns Adapter
Nel-Spot O-Ring
Nelson Paint

Nel-Spot O-Ring

Sale Price$1.35
Piston Rod Washer, Nel-Spot
Cup Leather Washer, Nel-Spot
Lower Piston Rod, Nel-Spot, HW-50
Retainer, Nel-Spot, SS-9837
Washer, Nel-Spot, HW-45
Spring, Nel-Spot, A-26-A
Intake Valve Assembly, Nel-SpotIntake Valve Assembly, Nel-Spot

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Nel-Spot Tree Marking Guns

Nel-Spot tree marking guns are a type of handheld device used to mark trees in forestry and logging operations. They are commonly used to indicate which trees are to be harvested or left standing, as well as to mark boundary lines, hazards, or other points of interest. The Nel-Spot tree marking gun is named after the manufacturer, Nelson Paint Company, which specializes in producing forestry marking materials and equipment. The gun typically consists of a lightweight, durable metal frame with a trigger mechanism and a pressurized canister for spraying paint or ink onto the tree trunk. The marking mixture used with Nel-Spot tree marking guns is specially formulated to be long-lasting and resistant to weather and fading, ensuring that the marks remain visible over time. The guns are designed to be easy to use and maintain, with features such as adjustable spray patterns and interchangeable paint cans for improved versatility. The use of tree marking guns like the Nel-Spot is considered an important part of sustainable forestry practices, as it helps to ensure that only the appropriate trees are harvested and that forests are managed in a responsible and environmentally sound manner.