Keson 10 Series Open Reel Fiberglass Tapes

KesonSKU: OTR-10-50

Keson 10 Series Open Reel Fiberglass Measuring Tapes are designed to withstand more wear and tear than any other kind of measuring tape.

Maximum Durability: The Keson Fiberglass Reinforced Tape Blade is durable even given the roughest treatment possible - trampled underfoot, dragged through mud, and treated to conditions such as sand and rocks. Keson Fiberglass Tapes go on taking abuse with little or no deterioration to the White PVC coatin.

Unparalled Flexibility: Keson Fiberglass Tapes are adaptable to almost any situation - around corners, over uneven terrain or over obstacles while still affording accurate measurement.

Electrical Hazard Protection: Made of two non conducting materials, Keson Fiberglass Tapes ar rendered safe from electrical hazards. A proven dielectric strength of 200,000 V/M is your assurance of using the safest tape possible.

Superior Accuracy "Ultra Glass": Keson Fiberglass Tapes contain the most fiberglass strands available in the marketplace today. More strands equal greater tensile strength and superior accuracy when tension is applied to the tape measure. Temperature correction is not necessary.

Open Reel Type: Award Winning Shovel Handle Design is Ideal for Rapid Reeling and Unreeling. The tough molded handle is easy to grasp and is as durable as a football helmet! The crank handle is reinforced with metal to bring years of rugged use. Double throat rollers guide the blade return and prevent twisting of the tape blade.

10 Series: Graduated in Feet, 10ths and 100ths - Printed on one side in feet, 10ths and 100ths
Part Number Description
OTR-10-50 50' Keson Fiberglass Tape
OTR-10-100 100' Keson Fiberglass Tape
OTR-10-200 200' Keson Fiberglass Tape
OTR-10-300 300' Keson Fiberglass Tape
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