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Elvex Pro Guard Logger's Helmet CU-30RElvex Pro Guard Logger's Helmet CU-30R
Elvex Pro Guard Logger's Helmet CU-60R

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Logger's Helmets

A logger helmet is a protective headgear worn by loggers and other forestry workers to protect their head, face, and neck from falling debris, branches, and other hazards. It typically consists of a hard outer shell made of durable plastic or composite materials and an interior suspension system that provides a secure and comfortable fit. Logger helmets may also feature a face shield or visor to protect the face and eyes from sawdust, wood chips, and other debris. Some models may also include additional features such as ear protection, a chin strap, and reflective strips for increased visibility. Logger helmets are designed to meet industry safety standards and are commonly used in forestry, logging, and other outdoor work environments where head protection is necessary. Proper maintenance and inspection of the helmet are also important to ensure optimal protection and longevity.