ELVEX ProChaps 91 Series Full Calf Eight-Layer Chain Saw Chaps

ElvexSKU: JE-9133

The Elvex ProChaps 91 Series Chain Saw Chaps feature a 1000-denier Cordura nylon outer shell that is windproof, waterproof and resists oil, mildew, tears, snags and abrasion. Protective padding constructed of eight layers of Prolar‚Ñ¢ fabric results in a unique fiber composition with special weaving to provide the ultimate protection from cuts. Each bright orange leg is secured by three sets of buckles. The wrap-around section, below the knees, is secured by two sets of buckles. Orange Chaps come in three lengths.

Note: Chap lengths are total length, not inseam. Measure from your waist to the top of your foot for correct sizing.
*May not prevent penetration of the chain saw in some instances. The degree of protection will vary with the speed and sharpness of the saw chain; size and power of the chain saw; design of the chain saw sprocket; and operator's technique, competence and general physique.

Elvex Pro Chaps are the fastest growing brand of chainsaw resistant chaps in the U.S. Elvex ProChaps chainsaw chaps feature asymmetric construction that gives better coverage of the left side of each leg, where most chainsaw injuries occur. Elvex ProChaps Chainsaw Chaps also offer better protection from the knee down due to the three point strap design. Elves Pro Chaps Chainsaw Chaps contain eight layers of Elvex' Prolar safety material.

The ProChap is lightweight, extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. Elvex ProChaps have a large zippered pocket.

Elvex ProChaps Chainsaw Chaps come in these sizes

91 Series ProChaps Chainsaw Chaps 1000 Denier
JE-9133 33" Length
JE-9136 36" Length
JE-9139 39" Length
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