Pferd Chain Sharp File Guides

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Pferd Chain Sharp File Guides are a type of tool used in chainsaw maintenance and sharpening. These guides help to ensure consistent filing angles and reduce the risk of damage to the chainsaw chain. They are made by Pferd, a German-based company that specializes in producing abrasive and cutting tools for various industries. Pferd Chain Sharp File Guides come in a range of sizes to fit different chainsaw chain pitches and are compatible with most standard round and flat files. They are designed to be easy to use and provide precise results, making them a popular choice among professional and amateur chainsaw users alike.

Pferd Chain Sharps are now offered in three sizes. The professional models are available with either a 7/32" or 3/16" diameter chain saw file and both come with a flat depth gauge file. Both are 8" long. These professional models can also be used with a 1' x 13/64" chain saw file.

Also available: Low profile chain sharp. The Low Profile chain sharp has a 5/32" diameter sharpening file and a depth gauge file. 8" length. The Low Profile Chain Sharp is not suited for other file diameters.

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