Irwin Power Pole Auger Bits

IrwinSKU: 46811

  • Single twist type Auger Bit with single spur, cutter and side lip
  • Medium-fast screw pitch
  • Irwin Power Pole Auger Bits won't clog or bind and no stopping to clear chips
  • Irwin Power Pole Auger Bits feature a hollow center twist design for fast, continuous flow chips
  • For boring creosoted poles and construction timbers and multiple timber applications
  • Use Power Pole Auger Bits to bore smooth clean holes for installing bolts and pins
  • Power Pole Auger Bits are full length heat treated, which guards against bending in heavy-duty applications and strengthens the twist where the greatest strain occurs
  • Irwin Power Pole Auger Bits Bore smooth clean holes for installing bolts and pins
  • 7/16" adaptable Hex shank fits all adjustable 1/2", 3-jaw chucks
  • 5" shank has 1 3/4" of 1/2" round and 1 3/4" of 7/16" hex. Cut off hex section and use 1/2" round shank if job requires
  • Bit can be resharpened

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Irwin Power Pole Auger Bits
Part Number Description
Auger Bits for 412H 17" Overall Length: 12" Twist
46809 9/16" Auger Bit
46811 11/16" Auger Bit
46813 13/16" Auger Bit
Auger Bits for 418H - 23" Overall Length: 18" Twist
46909 9/16" Auger Bit
46911 11/16" Auger Bit
46913 13/16" Auger Bit
46914 7/8" Auger Bit
46915 15/16" Auger Bit
Auger Bits for 424H - 29" Overall Length: 24" Twist
47009 9/16" Auger Bit
47011 11/16" Auger Bit
47013 13/16" Auger Bit
47014 7/8" Auger Bit
47016 1" Auger Bit
47017 1 1/16" Auger Bit
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