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Tree Bands offer a simple method that allows you to watch your trees grow. A Tree Band is an easily applied device that measures the growth of the tree by expanding as the tree grows. This allows you to check the growth of the tree by expanding as the tree grows. This allows you to check the growth of your tree whenever you wish. Once Tree Bands are applied, they remain in place until you remove them, and since Tree Bands expand, the tree will not grow around the band.

Tree Bands provide the landowner with more than just the ability to calculate the volume of a tree. By using several Tree Bands to gather a few simple measurements combined with the volume data provided on the body of the band, the landowner can predict the growth and volume of an entire stand of trees. A one tenth acre plot in a pine plantation will often contain 20 to 40 trees. Two or three permanent CFI (continuous forest inventory) plots will give a good indication on the growth of a sizable plantation. The scale is calibrated for general growth indications for the forest landowner, it is not meant for the highly critical measurements of daily shrink/swell research.

Tree Bands are made of extremely durable plastic that has been field tested for a number of years. The springs are special ordered to ensure ease of installation, proper fit and duration.

Our Tree Bands measure 40" x 3/4" and is 50 gauge plastic. Tree Bands can be customized with your logo or name for an additional charge. Call 1-800-592-6940 and ask for Elaine for pricing.

Tree Bands are available from Construction Safety Products exclusively.

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