Spherical Crown Densiometer

Forest DensiometersSKU: D-Model A

Use a Spherical Crown Densiometer when you need to determine thinning of a canopy, spacing for re-planting or when trying to gauge habitat suitability for a particular area. A Spherical Crown Densiometer works similar to a periscope. The spherical shaped mirror reflects the sky above you to help determine the amount of tree canopy.

A cross shaped grid with 24 quarter inch squares helps plot the overhead reflection. In order for a Densiometer to be used properly, it must be level. Our Spherical Crown Densiometer features a built in leveling bubble, so the Densiometer can always be used correctly.

The Convex shaped Densiometer helps to keep only the sky in the reflection, so choose the Convex Densiometer over the Concave Densiometer for the larger sample reading.

Both the Convex Densiometer and the Concave Densiometer are housed in a 3" x 3" Walnut Case and come with instructions for use.



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