Silva Polaris Model 177 Hi-Vis Baseplate Compass, 2801103

SilvaSKU: 2801103

Silva's Most Popular Baseplate Model - Now also available with a Hi-Vis Bezel! The Silva Polaris has 2° graduation lines as well as large numerals at every 20° mark, and its clear base plate makes it easy to read a map and set bearings. To get a precise wind direction, simply point the large base plate arrow into the wind, turn the bezel to match the red North indicator to the red needle, and read the wind direction at the base plate arrow. This Silva Polaris 177 full-featured compass has a declination correction scale to allow you to make quick adjustments of map bearings to field headings, a sure-grip dial and ergonomically-contoured base plate, includes inch and millimeter rules for mapping and plotting.

  • Inch & MM Scales
  • 4 Second Dampening
  • Contoured Baseplate
  • Jewel Bearing
  • 2 Degree Gradation
  • Cardinal Points
  • Rotating Capsule/Dial
  • Declination Adjustment Scale

Silva Polaris Model 177 Compass Weight: 1.0 oz

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