Silva Lensatic 360 Compass, Sighting Compass

SilvaSKU: 2801020

The Silva Lensatic 360 Compass, 2801020 is a liquid filled classic sighting compass. The classic design of the Silva Lensatic 360 Compass is traditionally used in the military for it's precisely accurate bearings.

The Silva Lensatic 360 Compass is a liquid filled compass with 2° increments, a top cover with sighting slit and a magnifying lens in the sighting arm for easy dial reading. The Silva Lensatic Compass comes housed in a powder coated aluminum housing.

Silva Lensatic 360 Compass Features:
  • -360° Scale
  • 2 Graduations
  • 0-64 Mil Scale
  • Luminous Markings at 45 on Glass Plate
  • 3.125" x 2.125"
  • 3.0 oz
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