Silva Compass Education Kit

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Silva Compass Education Kit

Trusted for generations by schools, scouting organizations, and wilderness groups, Silva's compasses and educational items are used worldwide to teach orienteering and map and compass reading. The Silva Compass Education Kit comes complete with compasses for students and instructor, as well as essential books like, "Be Expert With Map & Compass", by world renowned orienteer and compass inventor Bjorn Kjellstorm. What better legacy than to teach others how never to get lost? Silva educational kits will ignite a passion for outdoor navigation and a thirst for adventure.

The Silva Compass Education Kit is a complete compass clinic in one package. The Silva Compass Education Kit includes all items listed below.

Carrying case: with 24 Silva Polaris Compasses (2805021)

Silva Explorer Compass for the instructor (2801030)

Demonstration Compass

"Teaching Orienteering" Booklet

"Be Expert With Map & Compass" world renowned orienteer Bjorn Kjellstrom's book (2805005)

"Read this, or get lost." Covers the basics of compass use alone or with maps using the Silva 1-2-3 System (2818002)

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