Replacement Spigots for Rubbermaid Gott Coolers.

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Please be aware that Rubbermaid/Gott - beginning in the Spring of 2008 - has started making their coolers with a larger diameter spigot.

The new spigots will be the white ones with the water coming out at an angle. The water hole itself in more oval in the new ones and round in the older ones. If you have concerns as to whether these spigot will fit your cooler, please give us call at 800-592-6940 and we will help you decide.

Two styles available:

Please read these descriptions carefully to choose which one you want.

SPOUT - Has black rubber bulb on top. You push down from top. Liquid flows straight down. Fits one and two gallon cooler and larger ones made before 2008. Your cooler may currently have an all white one on it, but if it is older than 2008, you should be safe to order this one. Your cooler may have the number 580 stamped on the bottom if it requires this spigot.

SPOUT Stem Diameter Measurement: From the back of the stem, outside diameter = approximately 5/8 in. or 16mm.

FAUCET - (All White) Fits 1-10t coolers made in 2008 and later. Has an oval opening for dispensing water instead of round. Large diameter fitting. Will not fit older coolers and some made in early 2008. Some of the earlier model coolers may have a similar spigot, but the hold will be too small to accommodate this one.

FAUCET Stem Diameter Measurement: From the back of the stem, outside diameter = approximately 7/8 in. or 23mm.

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