Pipe Stands - Medium, Polyethelene - PS412

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1 Stackable Pipe Stands - Medium

  • Medium Pipe Stand, to support pipe lengths with a diameter of 4" - 12"
  • Pipe Stands measure 19" high, 3/8" thick
  • Pipe Stands are Polyethylene
  • Pipe Stands have been Crush tested at the Alberta Research Council.

Load Test of Polyethylene Pipe Stands - Failure load test procedures

The load tests were conducted in Drayton Valley, Alberta at the Option Machine facility. A heavy industrial press with a calibrated pressure gauge was used to put a consistent vertical force on the stands. A steel pipe was placed in the saddle of the poly pipe stand and then the hydraulic press put force on the pipe and therefore simulated the physical load being placed on a pipe stand when it is in practical use in pipeline construction.

A 6 inch diameter pipe was used for the Medium pipe stand. The hydraulic press loads were increased with each pipe stand until the pipe stands failed in a "plastic" failure in which the material was permanently deformed and would not return to its original form. Three pipe stands were failed for each size. This is a typical mechanical failure test procedure used for various materials including steel. The material is stressed until the test specimen passes through the elastic properties of itself and then reaches ultimate failure in the plastic region. From the test results, it is hereby certified the following:

Medium Polyethylene Pipe Stand - Maximum Load Rating of 4340 lb.

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