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Perma-Patch is a completely new type of paving material developed to fulfill a need to rapidly, safely, and permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, T.V. or fiber optic cable slots, and parking area problems in all types of weather.

Perma-Patch has proven very useful to maintenance engineers and utility contractors to minimize time of repair on high traffic volume roadways and constant repeat trips to repair the same-damaged areas. Perma-Patch is used by State Department of Transportation Engineers throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. Perma-Patch has shown its reliability and durability on thousands of highways and bridges over the last ten years. Currently, as a result of extensive studies of cold patch products, the SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program) research engineers have found Perma-Patch to have the least failures of repair materials used in nationwide testing (See Strategic Highway Research Project results enclosed).

Perma-Patch is superior in many ways to hot mix asphalt. It can be used at any temperature, rain or shine. Perma-Patch is suitable for use under adverse weather conditions and sub-freezing ambient road temperatures. It will bond equally well to dry, damp, or wet surfaces. It's composition is such that it will strongly adhere to stone, wood, steel, asphalt, and concrete; but at the same time, it does not adhere to rubber-tires.

Wherever a standard repair to utility cuts, potholes, or roads are made, there will be a gradual increase in the separation of the old paving from the new paving. This separation will occur within three months to three years after the repair and will allow water to penetrate under the paved area and with the effects of permafrost. This leads to a gradual disintegration of the repaired area that can extend to the street base, up to 500 feet away. The only solution to this observable problem is to substitute Perma-Patch for the hot asphalt repair material.

Perma-Patch is a quick, inexpensive, permanent replacement for the maintenance intensive "cold patch" material. Perma-Patch can do what standard "Cold Patch" can not do, it will stay in place once a repair has been made. Due to the great strength and durability of Perma-Patch, this is an ideal repair material for high traffic volume areas such as roadways, highways, industrial, and commercial parking lots and driveways, as well as lesser traffic volume locations.

NOTE: Perma-Patch is very heavy (60 lbs per bag). The most economic delivery option is freight truck or company delivery if you're in the NW Louisiana or East Texas area (please call 800-592-6940 to see if we can deliver to your location). Freight charges will be calculated AFTER your order is submitted and will over-write any estimated shipping charges during checkout.

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