Ontario RTAK II Fixed Blade Knife


Ontario RTAK II Fixed Blade Knife designed by Jeff Randall - Ontario Knife Model 8628 and 8629

The Ontario RTAK II Fixed Blade Knife features 5160 Steel with a foliage green texture power coating. The blade on the RTAK II knife is quite long at 10", giving the RTAK II Knife an overall length of a whopping 16.5" (there's not much you can't do with a survival knife that large).

The handle is canvas micarta, about 6.5" long, offering a smooth, but strong grip. The RTAK II knife also features a lanyard hole on the pommel, offering another option for carry.

The RTAK II knife comes complete with a MOLLE compatible sheath that features the edge protecting hard plastic sheath and utility pouch.

The RTAK II knife has a drop point blade and is offered with either a plain or serrated edge.

The RTAK II knife is made in the USA.

Editor's Review (May 2010/Camping Knife Feature):

The RTAK II Knife makes a great camping knife. The RTAK II is one of the Ontario knives designed by Jeff Randall - the RTAK II (Ontario Model 8628). It's a survival knife if I ever saw one. I can see this knife being best used while hiking or even hunting really. Pictures of the RTAK II just don't do justice to the length of this knife, in my opinion - it comes in at 16 1/2 inches in overall length (10 Inch Blade). Like the Field Machete mentioned above, it definitely has some "heft" to it. The weight, structure and balance of this knife are definitely designed for penetration into the cutting target. The handle is micarta, smoothed, but still rugged with scales that have been secured especially well with three bolts/rivets. A Glass breaker pommel can be used for hammering - which we all know is useful when camping (those pesky tent stakes). Perhaps the most impressive though... the sheath. The MOLLE compatible sheath that comes with RTAK II has more straps, buckles, rope, velcro, closures and connections than any sheath I've ever seen. You could literally attach the MOLLE sheath to just about anything. A little pocket on the outside could hold a firestarter, a multi tool, keys, etc. At under $100, you wouldn't be afraid to use it or get it dirty. I highly recommend the RTAK II Knife as a camping knife and/or survival knife.

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