Ontario Knife Wyvern Crash Axe


Ontario Knife Wyvern Crash Axe - Ontario Part Number 8417

The Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe was developed in conjunction with the US Military Special Operators focused on search and rescue missions, the Ontario Wyvern is designed to serve as a "crash axe" and breaching tool with wide applications for military, first-responder and civilian use. The Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe is made with 5160 steel, the steel that cuts other steel, and heavy duty micarta handle; the Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe is utilized to make an initial impact point in an airframe or car body with the pick, toopen the impact point with the cutting surface, and to peel back the airframe or car body like a can opener with the breaching claw. Due to the distinctive shape of the breaching claw, the axe is named after the dragon-headed creature of mythology and heraldry frame.

Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe Specifications:

  • Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe Overall Length: 18.9"
  • Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe Blade Material: 5160 Steel
  • Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe Blade Finish: Black Texture Epoxy Powder Coat
  • Ontario Wyvern Crash Axe Handle: Black Micarta
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