Oil Only Absorbent Boom

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Oil Only Absorbent Boom

This Oil Only Sorbent Boom is manufactured to meet or exceed performance standards set within the industry. This Oil Only Sorbent Boom features Nickle plated steel rings on the end of the boom facilitate connection with the tear-drop shaped bit-snaps for a quick and stable interlock. No paper-clip type closures are used. The "Bit-Snaps" are located equal distance from each end of the Oil Absorbent Boom allowing the correct overlap of each boom to assure a proper barrier.

All hardware on this Oil Only Absorbent Boom is fastened with clips to a 1/4" monofilament polypropylene rope to provide maximum tensil strength and help eliminate "BOOM ROLL". This prevents damage to the oil sorbent boom and netting. Only polyester netting is used which gives greater UV resistance and elasticity than HDPE or polypropylene netting. This Oil Only Absorbent Boom is filled with just the right amount of material to allow maximum absorbtion in the quickest time possible. It has no voids, floats high in the water when first applied then as it reaches maximum absorbtion, it slowly desends allowing new and fresh contact with the hydrocarbon material being removed from the water. Does not fully sink. When saturated, it has no unused core. When maximum absorption is obtained, the Oil Sorbent Boom remains right at the surface for easy retrieval.

Part Number Description Price
E5-10 5" Diameter (10' long) 4/pk Oil Absorbent Boom $66.75
E8-10 8" Diameter (10' long) 4/pk Oil Absorbent Boom $126.00
Sale Price$66.75

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