Nature's Broom Absorbent, .9 Cubic Foot

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Nature's Broom Absorbent, .9 Cubic Foot

Have an oil spill in the garage? No problem for Nature's Broom. Simply pour Nature's Broom on the spill, grab a broom to mix the oil into the absorbent and watch as the oil disappears. Sweep it up and your potential oil problem is gone! Nature's Broom contains a high level of micro-organisms that break down petroleum hydrocarbons. This process usually takes about 12 weeks when moisture content and temperature allow the multiplication of the micro- organisms. the micro-organisms turn the hydrocarbons into non-toxic compounds. This unique trait gives Nature's Broom another advantage to which clay cannot compare! Nature's Broom is a revolutionary absorbent technology that starts soaking up the spill as soon as it touches the liquid! Unlike clay absorbents, there is no need to wait before finishing cleanup.

Natures Broom Specifications:
22" x 16" x 4" poly bag
.9 cubic foot
90 bags per pallet
Absorbs wide range of oils, fuels, anti-freeze, grease and other types of spills. Contains micro-organisms that bioremediate hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.
Bio-based granules encapsulate spill on contact
5.2 pounds of Nature's Broom will absorb 2 gallons of oil
5 pounds will absorb 2 gallons anti-freeze
4.7 pounds will absorb 2 gallons of diesel

Natures Broom Manufacturer art number: 93413 00103
Natures Broom Unit Issue: Poly Bag
Natures Broom Bag Quantity: .9 cubic foot

Natures Broom is a Bio-Based and Sustainable Product

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