Munsell Soil Color Chart

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The Munsell Soil Color Chart - Edition includes all of the colors from the previous editions plus the following new pages: å¥

Munsell high value, low chroma åÔWhiteåÕ Page, used for describing carbonate, silica, gypsum, and soluble salt precipitates and evaporites common to arid and semi-arid environments and very light-colored parent materials, such as diatomaceous earth and volcanic ash. The White Page shows half steps from 8.5 to 9.5 in value with chromas of 1 and 2 for N, 7.5 YR

  • 10YR, and 2.5Y ‚àö‚Ä¢¬¨10Y and 5GY Soil chart for glauconitic soils ‚àö‚Ä¢¬¨‚Ä¢
  • 5R soil chart for Australia and Southeast Asia ‚àö‚Ä¢¬¨‚Ä¢
  • 7.5R soil chart for tropical and semi‚àö‚Ä¢‚àö√™tropical soils

From input from customers, X-Rite has improved on the washable version of the Munsell Soil Color Chart - through the use of new design and materials.

Color chips in the Munsell Soil Color Chart - 2009 Edition are now flush with the paper of each page, eliminating the edges and extending the life of color chips because dirt and debris are easily wiped away.

In addition, X-Rite has used water resistant materials in the Munsell Soil Color Chart - 2009 Edition to perform better in the field under damp or wet conditions.

Munsell Soil Color Chart - Details:

Durable binder contains 440 Munsell Color Standards å¥


  • ISCC-NBS color names ‚àö‚Ä¢¬¨‚Ä¢
  • Munsell alpha-numeric notation
  • Color produced on water resistant substrate

The Munsell Soil Color Chart - 2009 Edition features Munsell notations for each color providing: å¥

  • Value (degree of lightness) ‚àö‚Ä¢¬¨‚Ä¢
  • Hue (color) ‚àö‚Ä¢¬¨‚Ä¢
  • Chroma (degree of saturation)

Used with medium, finegrained, and coarse-grained rocks

Pages of the Munsell Color Chart - 2009 Edition are cleanable and can be exposed to standard environmental conditions in the field

Binder Size 6 x 7.75 x 1

Page Size 4 3/8 x 7 1/4

Weight 3 lbs

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