Markal Lacquer-Stik

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Markal Lacquer-Stik

The Markal Lacquer-Stik is a solid paint crayon specifically designed for filling-in stamped or engraved lines.The Markal Lacquer-Stik highlighter, fill-in paint dries quickly and rubs off easily. The Markal Lacquer-Stik specially formulated paint stays flexible; it expands and contracts with the surface. The Markal Lacquer-Stik is convenient and clean, eliminating the mess associated with dripping brushes and paint spills. Ideal for use on metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, wood and rubber.

The Markal Lacquer-Stik - Highlighter Fill-in Paint is available in the following colors:

White #51120, Yellow #51121, Red #51122, Black #51123, Gold #51131

Markal Lacquer-Stik Specifications: Markal Lacquer-Stik Marks are temperature resistant: up to 500°F (260°C) Markal Lacquer-Stik Meets U.S.A. federal specification TT-F-325a I and MIL-STD 171, Finish No. 30.1.1, Type I Markal Lacquer-Stik Made in U.S.A.

The Markal Lacquer-Stik is ideal for the following industry industries: Sporting goods, Trophy engraving, Automotive aftermarket and electronics.

The Markal Lacquer-Stik is ideal for the following surface applications: Gun and gun sights, Plastic, Ceramic, Computer components, Household appliances, Name plates, Tools, Dials and knobs.

Color: White
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