Haglof Increment Borer, Complete Borers Set

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Increment borers are the trademark products of Haglof Sweden. Haglof has produced increment borers for more than 70 years, and Haglof offers the largest variety of borer models, lengths and core diameters. Haglof Increment Borers are sold and used all over the world, in forests, in historical research and in different wood producing industries.

Increment borers are used to:

  • Control Increment, age and growth of trees
  • Measure increase/decrease of environmental pollution
  • Control past and present water assets and air quality
  • Detect diseases in wood such as decay and to control percentage of rotten wood.
  • Perform quality control of groundwater.
  • Perform regular quality, density and age check-ups in ancient buildings, boats, telephone poles and trees to prevent unforeseen accidents and save valuable assets.

Haglof Increment Borers are classic instruments for fast and reliable results on age and growth control. Haglof Increment Borers are also used to check density and quality of wood, damages and decay, pollution in the environment over time and chemical penetration.

Haglof Sweden increment borers are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and core diameters for all types of wood and trees. Produced with high quality Swedish Steel with PTFE coating on the borer bit to protect against rust and resin and to reduce friction. The solid borer bit with a barrel-shaped tip ensures an easy start and removal from the tree. All new, improved extractor made from stainless steel with steel cap. A grip-friendly blue handle ensures high performance and durability.

Haglof Increment Borers come in a variety of options of size and models, guaranteeing the correct Haglof borer for each specific application.

Complete Haglof Sweden Increment Borers include handle, PTFE coated borer bit and extractor. The blue Haglof increment Borer is produced with high quality steel. A characteristic blue plastic for a better grip and high field visibility covers Haglof borer handles. All borer handles undergo individual quality controls to assure durability and exact fit. The borer lock is tested to withstand high pressure. The Haglof borer bit is produced with a PTFE one-coat for reduced friction with standard core diameters of 4.35 mm and 5.15 mm with 2- or 3- threading. Additional core diameters in 10 and 12mm are available in selected lengths. Standard core diameter and threading is 5.15 3-thread and the most sold borer lengths are 250, 300 and 400 mm. The coating also slows down corrosion processes. Another efficient way to avoid corrosion is to maintain borers clean, dry and lubricated with light oil at all times.

Lengths: Haglof Increment Borers are available in lengths from 100 mm or 4" up to 1000 mm or 39". To obtain maximum bit penetration depth, the borer should be approximately one half of the tree diameter.

Core Diameters: Haglof standard core diameters are 4.3 mm and 5.15 mm (0.169" and 0.200"). Large core diameter borers are often used for measuring the fiber length of wood and for quantitative analyses where larger samples are necessary.

Threading: Haglof Increment Borers are 2- or 3-threaded. The 2-threaded increment borers are appropriate for hardwood, will penetrate the tree deeper. The 3-threaded increment borer engages the wood faster.



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