FoxFire Logger Lite, FLL

Fox FireSKU: FLL-A

FoxFire Logger Lite, FLL is designed to provide Log Truckers and Utility Companies with a convenient way to mark the end of their log and pole loads. The logger lite consists of a FoxFire Lite, a galvanized metal mounting plate, and a custom T-handled tool. Quickly mount your Logger Lite to the end of your load for maximum safety and visibility.

When not in use, the Logger Lite Kit stays together and is easy to store.

Use FoxFire Logger Lites to greatly enhance the visibility of your extended load for the safety of you and others.

Mark your extended load quickly and easily with the FoxFire Logger Lite.

Attach any FoxFire Logger Lite to your heavy equipment. The FoxFire Logger Lite is ideal for marking wide or oversized loads or adding visiblity to vehicles, boats or machinery.

Available in Red or Amber

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