FlitchSavers Log Protectors

FlitchSaversSKU: 10037-BX

FlitchSavers are used to stitch existing splits and checks in valuable logs. LogSavers and FlitchSavers are made from recycled plastic and will not damage saws or veneer knives.

FlitchSavers are 2.5-inch (6 cm) length install using FlitchSavers Hammer

The Benefits of LogSavers and FlitchSavers:

  • Control Existing splits and checks
  • Will not damage saws or veneer knives
  • Eliminate black iron stains in log ends
  • Safe to use - No hands in the striking area with LogSaver and FlitchSaver hammer
  • Easy to use - Parts can be rotated into any position with LogSaver and FlitchSaver hammer
Part Number: Description
10037-BX FlitchSavers box of 500
10037 FlitchSavers box of 1000
How to use FlitchSavers:

LogSavers and FlitchSavers are made to be used with the LogSaver and FlitchSaver Hammers. Simply clip into the face of the hammer and rotate into any position to accommodate the split or crack in your log. Swing the FlitchSaver hammer at the end of the log to insert. If the FlitchSaver does not enter the log completely, the backside of the hammer head can be used to tap it completely into place.

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