DeepRoot Water Barrier/Bamboo Barrier Geomembrane - 100 ft. Roll

DeepRootSKU: WB 18/30-1

Versatile DeepRoot Geomembranes protect hardscapes and landscapes from subterranean water movement, root intrusion and much more.

Geomembranes are used for two purposes: blocking roots and bamboo (Bamboo Barrier application) and protecting hardscapes and landscapes from subterranean water movement (Water Barrier application).

The following are links to the Deep Root website with more infomation on the two applications of Geomembranes.


Used in a root block application, geomembranes contain the roots of bamboo and other invasive species. Bamboo makes an ideal garden plant and grows quickly to provide privacy and beauty - however, if left unchecked it can grow throughout the yard and become a major nuisance. Bamboo Barrier prevents unwanted expansion. The smooth surface acts as a root stop, diverting the rhizome and preventing rampant growth.


Used in a water barrier application, geomembranes protect hardscapes and landscapes from subterranean water movement. When used around building foundations they prevent tree and plant root intrusion and maintain water equilibrium. The impermeable geomembrane is also ideal for golf course construction to separate the greens from invasive grass and clay soils.

DeepRoot WB Water Barrier/Bamboo Barrier Geomembrane Features:
  • Cuts at any measured length with utility knife
  • Up to 300 linear feet without the need for a seam
  • Joins vertically or horizontally with sealant tape
  • Made in the USA.

Caution: The DeepRoot Water Barrier will not turn tree roots downward for subsequent lateral growth, which firmly anchors the tree. If the water barrier is to be used near a tree, a local arborist should be consulted.

Available Thicknesses:
  • 0.030" (0.76MM)
  • 0.040" (1.02MM)
  • 0.060" (1.524MM)
Available Lengths:
  • 100 Ft.

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