Council Tool ApocalAxe, Camo w/Leather Sheath

Council ToolSKU: APOC2015C


Council Tool Multi-Purpose ApocalAxe, Camo w/Leather Sheath - APOC2015C

The multi-purpose ApocalAxe is drop-forged from 1 solid piece of high grade 1060 high-carbon U.S. steel. The ApocalAxe holds an extreme edge and is virtually unbreakable (the polymer grips may wear over a long period then just wrap the handle in para-cord and it is brand new, even though no handle grips have failed). The Council Tool ApocalAxe has an innovative centered knuckle grip to give the perfect angle to use the gut hook. Or flip the ApocalAxe over for the perfect angle to dress large game, small game, waterfowl, and fish. Flip the ApocalAxe yet again one more time and it acts as an Alaskan Ulu knife to cut and slice meat or anything else on a cutting board. Field tests show one of the best uses for the ApocalAxe in large game hunting is having one tool that can do all those things and also allow the hunter to remove large leg bones that would normally require they tote a saw as well. The hammer side of the ApocalAxe allows for nailing things and also hammering tent spikes and poles while camping. Use the ApocalAxe to cut wood for the fire and kindling to start the fire and still have a great edge to prepare the main course with. As an added bonus, the ApocalAxe also has a bottle opener and you can easily open a can of beans with it.

Council Tool Multi-Purpose ApocalAxe Features:
  • Drop-forged high-carbon U.S. Steel
  • Hammer or Knuckle grip
  • Gut Hook
  • Bottle Opener
  • Hammer
  • Secure, comfortable polymer grip
  • Leather holster for secure personal or vehicle mounting
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weighs about 2 lbs
  • About 15" long
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Product Weight 3 lb
Made In USA

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